Responsible Marketing

QFI’s Philosophy – Responsible Marketing

Vendor vs. education, emotional marketing vs. objective marketing

The world is changing and with it the marketplace. Consumers and buyers are more educated and interconnected than ever before. They have ready access to information and high standards of ideas and values.

While social media and internet help disseminate information, we still believe that care and thorough thinking are needed to separate fact from hype.

With that principle in mind, QFI has observes the following objectives:

  • Helping the poor farmers
  • Sustainability
  • Cruelty Free
  • Care of the environment
  • Equality of color, gender, and social acceptability
  • Fair Trade
  • Organic Integrity


  • First rule: avoid emotional bias – (you will not find the right answer).
  • For scientific and technical information, is the source peer reviewed?
  • If not peer reviewed, the background of the author/blogger becomes more critical.
  • Look for evidence of direct –hands on, experience.
  • Is the author affiliated with a company? If so, is her/his opinion unbiased or independent? NOTE: that we don’t expect complete honestly from this type of writers but at least they should be civil in discussion and not too obvious.
  • Lastly and very important: Does it make sense?

*** Statements that cannot be proven or do not make sense is not information ***