Quality Management

Quality Management

Knowledge, compliance, product accountability, and commitments

Quality First International is committed to have a quality assurance system in place from day one. Initially developed for our core product virgin oil de coco-crème®, our quality assurance protocol is widely implemented from sourcing to processing to distribution. It is based on industry and regulatory systems both domestic and international standards.

Unlike other natural product companies, we take no exemption of implementation:
from grass roots setting to high tech/processors, we set the expectation and
require them to adhere to our quality assurance protocol.

NOTE THAT: Natural does not need to be dirty and unsafe.

Driven by our philosophy of responsible marketing and our experience in quality management system, we select and implement quality and product safety protocols. From sourcing raw materials to final decision – OUR CUSTOMER, we got you covered.


We select processors and principals that comply with these requirements. For small establishments, we provide in-house advices and how they can meet its equivalency.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified
  • ISO registered (manufacturing and environmental compliance)
  • CRSP (corporate social responsibility program) in place
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in place
  • TQM (Total Quality Management) in place
  • Kosher capability
  • Halal capability
  • Organic certification
  • NON-GMO producers


The overall objective of product safety and quality commitments are satisfaction and confidence of the final destination – the customer. Therefore, our stringent QA system is maintained along with our sourcing protocol, to reach that objective.
  • Science based validation and interpretation of processes and claims
  • Product monitoring to specification and test of the materials
  • Organic compliance to COR, NOP, JAS, and EU.
  • Regulatory compliance in place
  • 3rd party verification process
  • Food safety training of personnel
  • Organic Operation training of personnel (strictly implemented)
  • Five-year library sample protocol
  • OSOP (Organic Standard Operating Procedures

Quality and product safety are prime to our business and company values.

Organic Standard Operating Procedures for:

Sanitation, Pest Control, Productions, ad Quality Control

March 29, 2014